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My name is Yngve Kalin and I am the pastor of  Hyssna congregation in the Church of Sweden. I live with my family in Hyssna, which is situated in the South-western part of Sweden. I am the Chairman of 'Kyrklig Samling kring Bibeln och bekännelsen', a national organization formed in 1958 by Bishop Bo Giertz, a Church Coalition for the Bible and Confession in the Church of Sweden.

I was ordained priest in 1973 and first served a small congregation in Femsjö. During the years, 1981-1990 I lived in Southern Africa where I worked in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa stationed in Swaziland.

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From 1990 - 2002 we lived in Mjöbäck where I served as a Parishpastor and beside this I was the Chairman of the Technical Service Committée of the local Council in Svenljunga. Between 1998-2006 I was a lay judge at the Magistrate Court in Borås.

From 1996 up till 2001 I was a member of the General Synod of Church of Sweden. Between 1991-1998 I was a member of the the Board of Church of Sweden Mission and for four years the vice chairman of the Church of Sweden Administrative committe in the national office and a member of several of the Boards of the Church companies like Svenska kyrkans Förvaltnings AB, Kyrkans Hus AB etc.
I am a Contributing Editor of Svensk Pastoraltidskrift a by-weekly magazine containing scholarly articles, book reviews, ecclesiopolitical comments, Bible analysis for sermons and other information relating to the Church of Sweden.


Articles et cetra

Some of the articles and other papers I have written on various topics have also been translated into English

   Yngve Kalin in the church of Hyssna 2008

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